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Scrambled Eggs with chive creme fraiche and lemony massaged kale on lightly toasted sourdough 7

with smoked salmon +3 with baked beans +3 with avocado +3 with goats cheese +2

Smashed Avocado with smoked paprika, lemon, olive oil, pesto and wild rocket on lightly toasted sourdough 6.5

with smoked salmon +3
with baked beans +3 with scrambled or fried eggs +3
with goats cheese +2

Hickory Smoked Baked Beans with 2 Cacklebean Farm fried eggs on toasted sourdough 9

with goats cheese +2

Sweet Sourdough French Toast with pomegranate, poached pear and whipped mascarpone 9

Quinoa Pancakes with roasted apple, pine honey and whipped ricotta 8

Homemade Granola with fresh berries, pine honey and Greek yoghurt 5.8
Vegan option with Soy, Almond or Oat milk +1

Bircher Muesli with fresh berries, chia seeds and Greek yoghurt 5.2
Vegan option with Soy, Almond or Oat milk +1

Toasted Sourdough with butter and jam, peanut butter or honey 2.8

Story Cheese Toasties

Classic - 3 Cheese Blend Montgomery, Keen’s Cheddar and Ogleshield cheese with diced onions 6

Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil with diced onion and 3 cheese blend 8

Hot Pastrami Melt jalapeños, diced onions and dijon mustard with 3 cheese blend 8

Smoked Chicken Melt chili flakes, diced onions and red pesto with 3 cheese blend 8







Espresso 2.2

Macchiato, Piccolo/Cortado 2.4

Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino 2.8

Filter, Long Black 2.4

Aeropress, Pour Over (weekdays only) 3.8

Mocha, Hot Chocolate 3

Tea Black, Earl Grey, Green Sencha, Fresh Mint 2.5

Matcha / Turmeric Latte 3.5

Chai Latte 3

Bonsoy, Almond or Oat Milk 0.5
Espresso Shot 0.5

Story Works Organic Cold Pressed Juices 500ml

Orange Juice 100% Oranges 6

Revive Beetroot, apple, ginger and lemon 6

Radiance Apple, carrot, lemon, ginger, turmeric 6

Life Greens Coconut water, romaine, kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon, mint 6

Polgoon Soft Drinks Apple & raspberry, lemonade, elderflower presse 2.9

Jarr Kombucha Original, ginger, passion fruit 4.5

Still/Sparkling Water 2